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Many different groups are involved in the development and implementation of the Forever Open Road programme. The roles and responsibilities of the main ones are described here:

FEHRL General Assembly (FGA)/ Institute Directors (via FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB)

  • Endorses and supervises Forever Open Road on recommendation by FEC 
  • Engages with the stakeholders on a strategic level 
  • Responsible for Forever Open Road nationally (including communication, implementation, coordination)

FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC)

  • Set the strategic agenda for Forever Open Road
  • Leading and accountable for Forever Open Road delivery
  • Mandates implementation of Forever Open Road
  • Advised by the Secretary-General  and the chair of the Research Coordinators (through the regular FEHRL structure), as well as the Programme Manager and the chair of WG FOREX (through temporary FOR structure)

FEHRL Stakeholder Reference Group (FSHRG)

  • Sponsor the Forever Open Road programme and provide strategic guidance
  • (FEHRL is represented by a delegation of FGA/FSB )

FEHRL Research Coordinators (RCs)

  • Coordinates research actions and expertise in close liaison with WG FOREX 
  • Coordination is structured through four research areas: Mobility, Transport & Infrastructure (MTI), Safety & Security (S&S), Energy, Environment & Resources (EER) and Design and Production (D&P)

FOREX Working Group (WG)

  • Drives technical content of the programme in strong operational liaison with the RCs 
  • Manages and coordinates expertise from FEHRL institutes and FOR stakeholders to develop roadmaps for each of the three elements of FOR

FEHRL Institute Communication/Information Managers (where available) 

  • Work with FEHRL Directors and RCs to ensure effective communication nationally (internally within Institute and externally to national stakeholders) 
  • Work with FOR core marketing team to use cascade pack and give feedback on national communications

FOR lobbying group

  • Work with the FSB (and the FOR core marketing team) to achieve buy in of stakeholders from industry, services and public through the FEHRL Stakeholders Reference Group (FSHRG)
  • Achieve adequate funding of FOR from principle funding bodies

FOR core marketing team 

  • Public relations/communications  - raise awareness of FOR both within the FEHRL community (with the FEHRL RCs and Communication/Information Managers) and to the European external environment (with the FOR lobbying group and the FSHRG)
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination – communicating the technical content of FOR to enhance implementation of the results



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