Forever Open Road

Forever Open Road will tackle global challenges such as climate change, carbon reduction, energy saving, as well as the increasing need for journey time reliability in response to rising demand both for private car travel and the delivery of goods by road. At the same time, it will help meet societies goals to provide transport infrastructure that is:

  • Safe and secure
  • Sustainable, cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient
  • Supported by innovative and competitive industry and private sector
  • Provide reliable mobility based on user needs and expectations
  • Based on the need to take into account the shrinking public-sector budgets

There are three elements to the Forever Open Road:

  • The adaptable road
  • The automated road
  • The climate change resilient road

The road would adapt to future maintenance, changing capacity demand and vehicle manufacturer needs; it would automatically provide in-built vehicle guidance, as well as travel information and performance measurement; it will be built from sustainable materials; and will harvest, store and use energy, will cope with excess water and temperature change, and will be able to clean and repair itself.